Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shiny and New

I have been renewed.

I spent four restorative days with my Lady Lobster - the beautiful and talented, Sunny B.

We shopped and ate, visited, played, slept, lounged, watched Friends and movies, pedicured, made-over, talked and laughed, talked and laughed. And lounged some more.

She is magic. And if it turns out I can only get away on my own once every three years from now until forever, it's good to know that a solid three days at Sunny's Spa will make me brand new.

I reunited with all my fellas last night. There's just nothing sweeter.

Betty got a day at the spa too. I've never seen her look so good. And she got the weekend off.

Look out world, we're sure to be a force.

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