Thursday, November 18, 2010

Llamas are a hoot.

I did the second of my two holiday sales on Sunday. It was not great. It was fun and I met some lovely people, but alas, I did not make the big bucks. Alas.

But it did give me a renewed appreciate for etsy. I spent two months in preparation for these two little sales, completely neglecting my etsy shop (Happily Home Sewn - found here :-), and even with no attention from me, etsy sales out performed my profits at these shows. So I'm going to show etsy some love by freshening up my listings with new photos and spruced up descriptions. Stay tuned for the Happily Home Sewn makeover.

Blech...enough money talk. Now onto some fun critters.

I got a few special orders at the sales. The owls were a big hit:

Dude. I need a girl.

And today's random critter applique request: llama t-shirt and onesie for the Sllama kids. I think it's an inside joke, but a friend ordered these for her friends - the Sllamas. Llamas...Sllamas...get it?

The next few post will be coming to you from the Tarheel state. We'll be family hopping across North Carolina for the rest of November. We'll even take a swing to the coast to visit my Mama. Can't wait!

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