Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet Anticipation

The goodies are cooking. The tables are set. The babies are resting as we wait and ready the house for a family Thanksgiving.

Gram prepared a special table for Eli and Amos. As soon as he saw it Eli got situated in his vintage child's chair and said, "I'm ready Mama!"

He played away at his little table, setting his barn and trucks just so and chattering about being thankful. A bit early but still.

As we've been traveling I've been repeatedly struck by how big and confident and self sufficient my elder boy child is becoming. He's tall enough to turn on the sink to wash his hands on his own - and what's more - he does it. Sometimes without being asked. When did that happen?

I'm struck by Baby A's joviality and gusto. His personality gets bigger by the day and now includes, in addition to his usually sweet contented whimsy, little grumbles of displeasure. These usually occur when Eli's trying to exert his birthright wherein he assumes he has first dibs on all the toys. Way to go Little A. Get yours.

I am struck because I am unduly blessed.

On this day, only slightly more than on any other day, I give thanks.

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