Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Sale Recap

Today's little sale has come and passed. If not for the last half hour, I would have called it a bust. But there was a blast of customers toward the end that made the day. I met some lovely folks and made a little spending cash for my trip.

Oh - Did I not mention? I'm going on a trip tomorrow. I am so excited I might weep. I'm going on my first solo trip in over three years - since before I had kids. After the fall we've had (no pun intended), Mama needs a vacation. So the fella's mom arrived today to help with the boys while I'm away. I'm getting on a plane tomorrow and heading east to stay with my lady lobster, Sunny B. We will talk, lounge, eat, shop, laze, read, watch friends, make-over, pedicure, rest, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

I can't even imagine how restored I will be upon my return. I mean, just going through airport security on my own will be like a vacation.

As fate would have it, little A has developed a horrible whoop of a cough this evening and has woken twice since being put down with the most pitiful hack you ever heard. This does not bode well. But I'm praying for a speedy recovery. I need to get on that plane...

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