Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Tortoise and the Jaguar.

Saturday we decided to make our 3rd annual trip to the Pumpkin Festival at the Botanic Gardens. Children in costume get in free, but Dizzle's official costume isn't ready yet, so I had to get crafty.

What to make? Well, we just happen to have on hand a pair of Aztec jaguar jammies the fella brought home from the British Museum. That'll work.

I whipped up a happy little jaguar hood. It was inspired. And Dizzle, who isn't generally a fan of things on his head, wore the thing!

He was really well camouflaged in the corn maze. I had a few moments of panic, then I'd catch a glimpse of that sweet smile.

Do jaguars eat turtles? If so, Boogie's in trouble.

Watching for jaguars.

We had a beautiful day with friends among the corn, pumpkins and festival fixings.

More photos later. For now I'm going to wake Dizzle from his nap and share some hot cocoa. How are you celebrating the arrival of fall?

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