Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dizzle's New Do

Yesterday during our Saturday Morning Wonder Walk we dropped in at Floyd's Barbershop to get Dizzy's mop cut.

His favorite barber Sandy was free so the time was right. We love Sandy. Eli flirts it up with her. I lost count of how many times he giggled to her, "Sandy! Dat tickles!" Getting his haircut used to be a grudge match (with all the big-head medical stuff he had in his first two years - he wasn't so keen on people messing with his melon). But Sandy has the touch. She has total job security because we will never stray from her.

Pretty stinkin' handsome.

In other news, I'm getting better at this photography stuff. I took all these shots in manual mode, setting the exposure triangle (that's right) myself and I think they look great. And when I asked picasa to auto-correct them, it didn't change a thing! Google approves!

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