Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To the Victors....

...go the spoils.
After much discussion of their options, both the winners of the Name that Owl Giveaway independently chose owl satchels as their prize. Excellent choice!

I found a fun new pattern from the current stitch magazine and gave it a go. I knew I wanted to add an owl applique to fit with the owl theme, and the pattern called for a heavier upholstery fabric. As I pondered I looked to my left at the table skirt my sewing table was wearing. In true Sister Maria style, I ripped that sucker right off and made two totes out of it.

It was perfect. It was hefty and the repetitive circle/heart designs morphed into owls before my very eyes. How could I not repurpose it?

So Jenean who so brilliantly suggested Bobbin's perfectly fitting name, and Carlo, who the universe deemed the random winner, these babies are coming your way! Enjoy!


  1. Is this going to be a new style bag you will offer??? I like it!! Super cute!

  2. Love the bags! So it is possible to be a mommy and get things done? Hopefully I'll get there soon! I miss my sewing room - oh yeah, and having a clean house... :)