Friday, October 15, 2010

White Rabbit

As a thank-you to a friend who brought dinner while I was laid up, I helped make a plain old white rabbit costume into the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. She provided the plain rabbit costume, and large clock (which, if this doesn't work out could come in handy. He could go as Flava Flave). I took care of the rest. Here's a little tutorial.

First I made his crazy collar by making to long strips of fabric folded in half. I stitched heavy/firm structural interfacing strips in about every two inches. Then I stitched them to a round base, accordion style.

Then I added another round piece on top, stitching the accordion to it, and cut out a neck hole.
I trimmed and trimmed until I got it small enough to fit comfortably around a kid's neck. Then added some velcro.

The playing card apron was easy peasy. Cut a large white rectangle. Finish the edges by folding under 3/8", then another 1/2" and stitch. Cut a head hole in the middle. Finish that with a quick zig zag. Applique a heart on the front and back.

And viola!
Poor Dizzle.
Now don't be late!

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