Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eli's Me Doll Was All About Me

Last week Eli was sent home from preschool with homework:
We were to work together to make this plain paper doll into an Eli doll. Sunday Eli and I set to work making his me. He was only marginally interested, but I dove right in. Big surprise.

I sewed him little cords...
...pockets and all.

And a cars shirt. Clearly.

Striking resemblance I think.

Eli helped me figure out how to make and where to put his features. We talked about numbers of things and how things looked and how everybody's eyes, ears, nose, etc. look different. Which I think was the point.
We even gave his tiny persona the tiniest car we could find to play with.

And this morning Eric took Diz and Mini Diz to school and they were both welcomed with rave enthusiasm.

Then about 10:00 this morning, long after he left for school, I realized what he was wearing:

That's right. Twinsies.

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