Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm learning...

I am having a blast and learning so much from Momtography. We started with the basics. As in, the basic modes.

Portrait - my favorite mode. There are lots of portrait worthy moments around here, and hopefully now you can tell that they were taken with the camera in the appropriate mode.


Macro - what a fun mode! I was macro-ing everything! Dizzle's eyelashes...Boogie's bellybutton.

Sport: Shows the kiddos in action!
I jumped the gun a bit on this one, but it's still fun. The camera is supposed to take multiple shots in this mode by just holding down the button, but it's not. I'll have to figure out how to do that. Maddie - any advice?
That's better.

Landscape - yawn. I'm a people gal, so landscape is not my fave, at least for now.

Night Portrait - could come in handy. The fella's out of town and I forgot to snag my friend before she left this evening, so I took my own night portrait. Luckily before she left she discovered that my camera's lcd screen swivels! A grand discovery!

I don't know which mode I used to take this one, but I love it:

How'm I doin? Any advice? Tips? Tricks?


  1. I love your pictures! You have learned a lot. And the final picture makes me so happy.