Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome Fall

We're getting excited about welcoming fall around here.

It's by no means here yet. But it's coming.

Fall means layers and pumpkins (pumpkins!) and hot chocolate and leaves.

In the sewing room and in my shop it means cords. Some new ones...

(Like those? Limited quantities available. Here they are in the shop.)

And some oldies... 
That shot of Eli will just never get old. And those cords are now onto to Amos and in their 4th season and going strong. They're available in my shop in lots of color combinations so get creative!

Know what else fall means? That's right. The Welcome Fall Sale for Facebook Friends. In the 1st day of the push to double facebook fans of Happily Home Sewn we're a quarter of the way there! Woot!

The first Giveaway has been given away and the second one is close. It's a two-fer because Fan number 265 and the person who recommended us to them ((ahem, tell your friends!) will get a special coupon code for 50% off anything in the shop! Could be you! 

Like Happily Home Sewn on Facebook and even if you don't win one of the giveaways you will get 20% off your entire purchase in the shop with the coupon code NEWFBFRIEND. Win. Win.  

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