Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early Birds

This little pumpkin has been calling to Eli. 

It is the first to be plucked from the patch in Yaya's garden. There are about a dozen still brewing there. But this little guy has been calling to him. 

So today, he answered. 

We found an angry birds template and tool set at target and lo and behold, nearly 5 year old Eli is big enough, dextrous enough and doggone it, he wants to carve his own. 

Holy big kid batman.
So proud.

 Blowing raspberries to extinguish the candle = Hilarious.

Hazel was a bit flummoxed by the whole proposition. 

Yes. I know the date. September 16. This pumpkin will be long since rotted before the leaves start to fall. But there's a patch full out back and in the support of excitement, I let Eli follow his carving calling.

And I roasted the first batch of pumpkin seeds. To a crisp! Doh.  

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  1. I love it! You are so talented Eli - just like your mama.