Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This just in. My last post was number 500.

What what?

This blog is going through a bit of an organic transformation. I'm having less and less time to blog and less and less time to craft sadly. I guess the two go hand and hand. Life is busy here, in a good way. So for now this is serving as a venue for recording family milestones and some fun day-to-day cuteness. I'm ok with this because I love having this record of my wee ones' lives and if it's only filling that niche for now, well that'll do. And if you find a minute to visit and take a peek and it makes you bonus.

So, on to some day-to-day cuteness.
We've been enjoying evenings in the yard a lot lately. Things are getting cooler and there's lots to harvest in Yaya's garden. 

And the bouncy castle is still up from Hazel's party 3 weeks ago. Classy.

And sometimes the light is just right....

And the eyes sparkle just so... 
 Oh...and the hair.

Makes us all feel like super explorers. 
Eli dresses the part as always. 

At some point Amos brought me out a Fresca. How sweet of him right. Well then he brought himself out a Hansen's soda and I let him have it. This is a 1st and will be a rare occurrence, but it was pretty hilarious to hear him talk about his, "spicy drink."

Finally had to do something about that hair. Enter...PIGTAILS!
Amos wonders where hairbows have been all his life and why it took a wee baby girl to get them here. We all have hairbow time and it's a blast. 
Hazel is totally hip to the camera thing now. The jig is up. When she's done, she's done and there's no going back.
 "Ok Mom. Pigtails or no, the bloom is off the rose."
"No really. A change of venue is not going to cut it."
"I'm with Hazel." 

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  1. Tooo funny! That last one of Eli would make a great greeting card. I'm not sure the caption yet but there is a good one in there I'm sure of it.