Tuesday, September 11, 2012


No. Not Pintrest.


Short for Pinafore Inspiration.

See the other day a friend and repeat customer placed an order for her daughter's 2nd Happily Home Sewn Birthday Pinafore. I made her 1st birthday one and I hope to continue the tradition until she's 40. Adult pinafores are coming you know. They're the new black.

This order made my day because my friend gave me the following instructions:
"I'd love for you to pick something new and special and work your magic. I totally trust you."

Color me happy!

I stewed on it for a day or two and a clear front runner fabric came to mind: 
I got these little birdies at Fabric Bliss a while back not knowing exactly what they would become. They waited patiently for this perfect project.

Then the complimentary fabric all but leapt off the shelf. It's a thin soft butter yellow cotton that the fella bought for me in a stuffy fabric shop in London. Perfection.

Miss Lily's 1st birthday pinny had a one on it and this one was to have a two. It was almost like elves went up to the sewing room ahead of me to design, cut, and layout the appliques. Everything flowed so easily. I love it when inspiration works like that.

The butter yellow thread was even already loaded on the machine. The elves...they know. 
Oh my gourd. It make me so happy.

So I just kept right on a goin'. I made a sweet little fluffy flower pin to wear on the non-birthday side.
Orrrrrrr...Her Mama could wear it to match Lily! Not that I condone wearing matching clothes with your baby daughter. Nay. Never.

 And to top things off, literally, a wee hair bauble. Yes please. 
 I hope they love it! Happy Birthday Lily!

And a peek at what we did last night:
Back Yard Movie Night with Friends.

So, the take away from this post:
1. Happily Home Sewn LOVES custom orders!
2. Right now you can get them on the cheap because we're having the Welcome Fall Sale for Facebook Friends! So, go find us on facebook...become a fan...and go shopping at Happily Home Sewn with the coupon code NEWFBFRIEND for 20% off your whole order!
2. Then grab a blanket, sit in a comfy chair and watch a movie. You've earned it.

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  1. About the cutest thing I have seen all week! You do work magic!