Thursday, September 13, 2012

Six Silhouettes - Inspired by Emily

My buddy Courtney and I scheduled a crafty playdate this week to work on a little project I pinned from wait a minute...

yes...from The Anderson Crew, where I'm linking this post to today for Embrace the Camera.

Man I love it when things work out like that.

So, anyway, Courtney and I had the very ambitious plan to make silhouettes of our six kiddos, whilst also watching the aforementioned children.

But hey, if Emily Anderson can do it with her six, so can we with ours.
So Courtney purchased the supplies and I showed up with starbucks.

And viola!
 Six. Count 'em six.
I really want to know what Amos is telling Elsa and how Hazel's silhouette tastes. 
Kinda easy to tell which kids belong to who. DNA is strong stuff.

Woopeee! Fun!

Thanks for the great idea Emily! And the place to show it off!
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  1. I've been wanting to try this project, too! Yours (kids and silhouettes) are darling!
    jumping over from ETC...

  2. What fun! I want to do that now.

  3. Silhouette ell, aren't you crafty. I saw Emily's post and was afraid it wouldn't come out good. You've inspired me!!



  4. Love it!....and love the mustache on your blog. TOO CUTE!