Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Look at me go.

Remember a few weeks ago when Eric and I decided to de-clutter and de-hordify the place and upgrade from the dorm room chic furniture we've been dragging around for 13 years?
And we bought this snazzy night club sectional? (Eric will tell you about the round swiveling lounge loveseat that I put my foot down against. It all but came with a neon sign that said, "Get your lap dance here.")

We chose it because it was less bulky than most and would fit in the space but the fuzzy orange dots were not really the vibe or color story we were going for.

But, in my famous last words in the store I was like, "I can recover those, no problem."

Well, ye of little faith, I went and did it. 
Pretty right? And I love how the kiddos silhouettes are perfectly showcased in the oval mirror. That was total luck.

I have very few opportunities to shop for upholstery fabrics.

Mama like.

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