Monday, August 27, 2012

A Big Kid Day

Today, along with cute kiddos all over the country, the boys went to their 1st day of school.

Whoa. That's a big kid there. 
Amos joined the Butterflies Class and I decree that it shall be a wonderful place and a happy, easy year for him! And so it shall be.

He was not so into the sign.
But he luuuuuuuvs his monster lunch box. 

New fancy lunch boxes. Thanks esty!

Get a load of his guy. Man he looks so grown this year compared to last! He had a great 1st day. Nary a tear was shed. A snack was eaten. A nap was had. Friends were made and toys were played with. Success!

That was Eli on his 1st day of his 1st year. And that was Amos in my belly about 3 days overdue. 
Just look at him now. The Penguins (that's the oldest preschool class) don't mess around. None of this playing on the carpet when you arrive. Nope. They sit at desks and do big kid work. Practicing for the Big K next year I suppose and it's pretty exciting. Eli also had a great first day. He feels like big man on campus 'cause he kinda is. Can you believe that?

Here's the other big news about this 1st day. It's the 1st 1st day where I'm not 9 months pregnant. I'm no months pregnant and that in itself, is big news.

I hope all the 1st days out there were good ones!

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