Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snuggle Love

A few things about this photo.
Number one - I love it. There is nothing better than a snuggle with these little yummies.
2 - Amos is wearing one of the first pair of pants I ever sewed. I even made a little stuffed bug on a string and sewed it in to the pocket. It's still attached.
3 - Look at little Hazel chubs. Yum. Mee.
4 - Check out that widow's peak. I've taken to calling her Hazey Munster.
5 - Man I love them.
6 - Man, do they love me.
7 - As one who hasn't always had glowing self esteem, I'm happy to say...I'm kind of a fox. 
8 - Linking this little gem up to Embrace the Camera.


  1. This is a phenomenal Embrace the Camera shot. You look amazing and your little bugs are adorable.

  2. absolutely gorgeous!

    did you get new specs?

  3. Your kids are the most precious children EVER! Oh my goodness this photo just melts my heart! :)

  4. This picture is wonderful. Baby snuggles are the greatest thing ever. And I'm sure they're even better when they are you own :)