Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bon Voyage

Forgive me the Lazy Blogger post. 

Zeal has been keeping me up late into the night and waking me early with ideas and excitement.

More on this another day...don't you worry.  

In other news...
The Lovely Hazel Mae enjoyed her first rice cereal the other day.
And I do believe she liked it.
 This girl was born to eat.
 She knew just what to do with the mushy good stuff.
 And she had a good time doing it.
In other, ridiculously exciting news...
Hazel and I are flying out this morning to LadyFest 2012. LadyFest is an annual tradition wherein I meet a bevy of lovely lady friends, most of whom I have known and loved for at least 10 years, some more than 20, in some clandestine location for days of lounging, crafting, laughing and catching up. This year we will rendezvous in a charming cabin in the smokey mountains in the shadows of Dollywood. Be jealous.

Today she is 5 months old and is embarking on her 9th flight. Quite the jet setter. 
I am so excited. LadyFest awaits!

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  1. 9 flights in 5 months? I'm 30 and have never flown. LadyFest sounds super dupe awesome. Have a blast!