Sunday, January 29, 2012

Danger. I got pintrested.

So... three days or so ago I succumbed to the call of Pintrest. I resisted a REALLY long time, but who are we kidding. As my sister said: "It was so made with you in mind it should have been called 'Jessa Decker Smith-interest'." 

So I caved. And I have been pinning up a veritable storm of pins. Here's the twist, I fully intend to act on them. I even have a board called, DO THIS NOW. And I'm totally gonna. 

So, on that note, I shall report to you here on this blog all the ideas I found on pintrest that I have decided to take on. 

So, for my first one (ok, second if you count the sock bun, which I have tried but not yet mastered), I worked up a holder for a charging cell phone from Make It and Love It. It's downright genius and uses items I have on hand. Double bonus.
Above is the original pinned photo which links to a tutorial for this very smart idea. Way to go Make it Love it folks. Well done.

And here's mine:
Pretty awesome! It was my first mod podge experience and I must say, I enjoyed it. 

So much so that I went ahead and made on for Hazel's baby monitor:
It was so easy and fun and it took about 30 minutes total. That's my kind of project. (And yes, I decoupaged the fabric backwards on this second one, with the seam ending up in the front. Live and learn). 

And now, to feed two birds with one scone, I tested out a second pintrest idea whilst I was making the above. It was a home-made inexpensive mod podge recipe. I bought name brand mod podge and made my own per this recipe to compare. 
Do It Yourself Divas offered a very simple recipe for DIY mod podge - 50% Elmers, 50% water. I think I had too much water in my ratio, but I gotta say, I think the mod podge has a leg up on the homemade version. The homemade will definitely work, but I think mod was slightly better. 

So now I have a Pintrest Board called "Saw it on Pintrest and Made it" to show all the inspiration I've gotten from pintrest and followed. 

I'm hooked. 


  1. dangerous indeed! yet another inspiring time suck, 'eh? but you made the best of it by giving yourself the impetus to do, not just look. way to go!

    btw, i bought one bottle of mod podge in h.s. and thought, "this is just watered down glue!" and never purchased it again. but then again, i only ever used watered-down glue for piddly projects. your more professional-looking ones might need the real deal.

  2. I saw this too but now I'm somehow MORE inspired to make it? Maybe that'll be our afternoon project. Yay for Pinterest! Oh and I like the "saw it/ made it" board. I may have to pull a copy.

  3. I totally have done the sock bun. The first day I wore it in public, I kept smiling because I had a sock in my hair! See this people? I have a SOCK... in my hair. Love it! (But I am a bit bobby-pin challenged). So I saw that on Pinterest but my thought was..... will it not catch on fire because it's touching the actual plug thingy? :) NEUROTIC much?