Sunday, January 22, 2012

LadyFest 2012 promised...a full report on the wonder that is LadyFest. This weekend was the 2nd annual (except we skipped 2011 for some strange reason - won't happen again) LadyFest. LadyFest is just what it sounds like - a trip to a different location each year with a bunch of my besties for festing, merriment, joviality, crafting, lounging, laughing, dancing (more on this later) and catching up. And it is awesome.

LadyFest 2010 was in Chattanooga and this year we converged on Pigeon Forge, TN (a wonder in its own right) in a beautiful cabin on a mountainside. It was an ideal setting.
Sunny B, our resident Embroidery Diva, whipped up a super sweet tote bag for a member of the Pigtail Gang.

Friday morning, LadyFest 2012: Lounging, sewing, magazines, studying (poor Jodie), fire, coffee, cocoa, munchies, embroidering, Adele concert DVD, sing-a-long, pinafore modeling (by Hazel), pjs till way past noon, a run (what?) and...wait for it....the hot tub.
Hazel had a never ending stream of snugglers, lucky girl. Oooo, and we made t-shirts (and a onesie) for the occasion! Thanks CustomInk!
Knitting and sitting. I'm pretty sure it's about 1:00 a.m. Here. That's some dedication. 

And Hazel got a new hat (and pretty much a new wardrobe. Outlet malls...dangerous!). 

Thank you ladies for an amaaaaazing Fest!!! Can't wait 'til next year!

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  1. What a fun idea! The shirts look great and it looks like you all had an awesome time. We can't wait to read the Ladyfest 2013 post!

    Your friends at CustomInk