Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love and Pintrest.

This is turning into the week of Pintrest. There's just so much delightful stuff on there. And in the 4 days I've been using it I have been uber inspired, so...the Week of Pintrest.

Stuff like this...

Found this beautiful image - a great Valentine's Day photography idea - on Pintrest. 
Pintrest is smart. 

So today, when the Hazemeister zonked out on my lap, I went for it.
Once she was real warm and snuggled I gently brought her arms together and started working her fingers into a heart. Bless her little soul, she LOVES to hold hands, so she kept trying to hold my hand in her sleep. Melt. But eventually she made the little heart hands. Dreamy.

 And my dear darling Amos came to snuggle with us. It was the sweetest.

 Oh. My. Word.
And the word is love. 

I'm clutching my bosom. Who can resist with all this love around.

Moving this to the Saw it on Pintrest and Made It! board. That brings the total up to 4 (not counting the 3 other ideas I pursued today that I haven't even told you about yet). I may have to quit my job.