Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nothing could be finer...

I don't think we could have planned this any better. Having a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a new baby is just right. 

Biggest brother Eli is eager to help. He's smart and kind, and protective almost to a fault. He'll grab Amos by whatever he can get a hold of to keep him out of harms way. After all, keeping Amos from peril is a family affair. Adoration of Hazel bubbles out of him all day long in whispered giggles and batted eyelashes. He's so helpful and independent and I tell him daily how much I love having a 4 year old.

Second son Amos keeps us laughing all day long. He has the excitement of a 2 year old learning so much every day and his sense of humor is unmatched. He's called dibs on being Hazel's right hand man. Wherever Hazel has landed, you'll find him there too. He's affectionate and loving, and even when he's trying his hardest to be naughty, he does it with a grin and is easily talked back into sweetness.

And then there's Hazel. Oh Hazel. Dreamy...Delightful...Divine.

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