Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hazel Loves Fern and Sprout

Last Saturday Hazel, Yaya, and I had a lovely ladies' afternoon at the fantastic Handmade Holiday fair put on by the Fancy Tiger fabric shop. It was a collection of the hippest, most fun and fancy goodies one could hope to assemble into one jazzy downtown building.

My favorite was the Fern and Sprout booth. I've admired Mrs. Fern's whimsical felt bobbles before. I bought one at a local boutique for my niece's birthday this year. So freakin' fun. 
But the booth was my fantasy happy place. Bobbles in every imaginable color. A Christmas tree covered in bobbles. And the most fabulous vintage-y shoes displayed with beautiful bobble shoe clips.


Yeah. I blew my wad in that booth. I bought a few gifts, but even better, I bought this little teal beauty for myself.
 But I think it looks smashing on Hazel too.
Mrs. Fern (not her real name btw) is also the person who introduced me via her blog to my newest obsession, LabelBox, an app that labels photos on my phone. So dope. 

And, to top off all the preciousness, Mrs. Fern is the sweetheart of Mr. Christmas, who was in the very next booth peddling his adorable (stolen from his facebook page) "miniature vignettes using vintage glass i.e. cake platters, martini shakers, syrup dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, teacups, saucers, jars, and other glass and ceramics. Each scene is one-of-a-kind and usually includes antique Putz houses, bottle brush trees, and a small animal of some sort."

Anyway, they are more crafty and precious than should be allowed in one household. I'm still working on the Fella to take up a craft that he can take on the road with me. Don't hold the old breath on that one. 


  1. bobble = to fumble, to drop
    bauble = decoration, ornament

  2. OMG!!!! Love these photos!!!! She looks BEEEEEEEEEEAUUUUUTIFUL! Thanks so much for the love and the huge, and oh-so-precious shout out on your blog! Happy holidays! XO