Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dreaming revisited...

Things I'm enjoying right now...
  • Children sleeping under the tree.
  • Labelbox - a free app I just found that lets you label photos in all sorts of fun ways. 
  • Hot cocoa. 
  • The Advent Tree Calendar that we've started (a few days late). 
  • My new Mac. Which is actually Eric's old Mac and my first Mac. I don't find it as earth-shatteringly intuitive as everyone says it is, but I'm learning. And it sure is sexy. 
  • Learning about Star Wars, "Engine Turtles" and Jesus from Eli, who learns about them from school friends and teachers. The after school report each day has me rolling. 
  • Photography with Christmas props. 
  • Snow. 
  • The fella, who is super sexy in winter. The sweaters really do it for me. 
  • All my babies and they're varying degrees of excitement/awareness of the season. 


1 comment:

  1. I too don't think that "Mac" and "intuitive" go together at all. But convenient, fast, and sleek?! Yes!

    Lovely list, mama! Enjoy!