Thursday, December 15, 2011

Embracing the Embracing

Usually it takes some digging or at least some purposeful photography to get some shots for Embrace the Camera - the Thursday feature on the Anderson Crew blog. Embracing the camera requires that we bloggers get out from behind the camera and post some pics that include us.



This week, I've got oodles. 
Something about this season has 
us embracing up a storm. 
I think it's the tree.

Eli loves holding Hazey. Amos too, but he's prone to dropping without warning. Throwing is more like it. So I don't step back far enough from him when he's holding Hazey to snap a photo. But trust me. It's cute. 

And she seems to enjoy it.

That may look like a tv glazed look in his eye, but no. He's gazing upon our beautiful tree you see there reflected in our living room window. 
Oh the embracing. 
So delightful.

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  1. what sweet pictures! I think we take more photos this time of year too!