Monday, September 5, 2011

School Days

Last week the boys started preschool. It's Eli's third year but Amos is a freshman.
He's not so sure about it. He always enters with a smile but kinda crumbles when we leave. Poor guy.

Eli was that way too, except he started crying when we got him out of the car. And he cried every day his first year. But he recovered pretty quickly and was able to enjoy the day. Amos revisits his grief throughout the day. Poor poor guy.

He's a hearty fellow though. Heartier than Eli was at his age, so hopefully he'll get used to it and grow to look forward to school days.


Eli, on the other hand, is a total pro.

They are just delicious and are getting so so grown-up. It's crazy.


  1. Those two tiny backpacks are the cutest things ever. I can't wait for this picture to come back out in 25 years or so at one of their weddings.

  2. Gah! Stop with the cuteness! Eeek!