Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hazel Photo Shoots

I showed some serious restraint here, but I wanted to give you some best-of Hazel shots from the last two weeks. I kept it to 5, which was difficult. But we have years to look at cute pictures of my children, so 5 is enough for now.

And they're so freakin' cute, more than 5 might do you in.
Eee gads. This is from her second day of life. Crazy cute.

Grinning in her HHS pinafore! Love it!


That's potentially her lovey, if they bond. So far, I'm her lovey.

Holy dimples batman, could you just swoon? I could.


  1. Swooning here as well! I can't believe how much she resembles her brothers. (I imagine you get that all the time - sorry!) Enjoy that scrumptious bundle! xo