Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buncha cuties.

Get a load of these merry cohorts:
Party on Eli's bunk! You know you hate you missed it!

I think we're all starting to embrace our new normal. Hazel's arrival was mostly smoothly received by her big brothers. They, Eli especially, loved her from the start. But they did lose their minds a little. There was some wildness and some extra whining, but those are starting to fade away into mostly sweetness.

Bless their hearts. We do tend to throw it all at them at one time - new baby, new beds, start school. With all that, they're rockstars for doing as well as they are.

Hazel is just dreamy. Aside from being as cute and snugly as they come, home girl sleeps all the time! That is a first among my babies. She's even perfectly happy to sleep at night if I'm willing to be her pillow, which, conveniently, I am.

Just dreamy.

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