Friday, September 23, 2011

Peek of the Week - September 23, 2011

I'm so lucky. I know every parent feels this way - like they've hit the kiddo lottery - and really we all have. But I feel so so lucky that we got the ones we got.

I try not to compare. All kids are remarkable in their own ways.

The thing is, I just really like my kids. I like how they're the same and different from each other. I love their personalities, idiosyncrasies, and senses of humor. I like the predictable parts about them and when they surprise me. I like what they like.

I love how and what they observe about the world and what occurs to them about it and how different it is from what occurs to me about it.

I really really like their smell.

I love when they're vulnerable and how they're delicate about different things from each other.
I love when they're strong and how they're confident about different things from each other.
I love it when their vulnerabilities and strengths converge so that Amos' fearlessness about the big (really big) slide bolsters Eli's confidence about it and he gives it a try for the first time in his life. And loves it.

I love that Eli gets panicked when he thinks Amos is in danger and throws himself in front of him to protect him from the escalator, the fountain, the wind (He really used to think Amos would blow away. What's not lovable about that?). And when he hears Hazel crying from his room he yells, "Do you need me to check on her?"

I love how affectionate they are and how their faces light up when they see me. I love that Amos wraps himself around my legs at least 10 times a day and sings me "Bushel and a Peck" at bedtime. I love that the thing that calms Hazel down the fastest is feeling my cheek on hers.

Know what else? I love that my baby daughter was born with a tiny ponytail of hair at the base of her neck, and that my boys had wee little mohawks on day one. How about that?

Sorry to gush, but man, these kids just do it to me. And in celebration of these three, let's get a peek at them in their Big Brother/Little Sister shirts, shall we?

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