Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embrace Normalcy

Can you see it?

Normalcy is beginning to reappear around here.
First off, I blogged more than once this week.
Secondly, check back tomorrow because the Peek of the Week is actually going to reveal a new (and completed!) project. That hasn't happened for a while.

And to continue in the trend of the normal, I give you a weekly entry to the Embrace the Camera feature at the Anderson Crew Blog.
Here's Miss Hazey and me at a friend's 4th birthday party at the Botanic Gardens. So fun. She's such a little snuggle nugget.

And here we are last night. Poor Amos has had the crud.

He scurried up into my lap to read books and just gave it up. It was such a sweet pitiful moment with my two sleepy babies. If only Eli could've found a leg up there. The trifecta.

Come back tomorrow to see what we've been crafting around here! It's fall-tastic!


  1. Wow! How cool, I have a Hazel too! You don't see many of those. And we call her Hazey and Hazelnut too. She is named after my grandmother. I just thought that was cool. :)

    Anyway, she does look like a cute snuggle nugget. :)

  2. I adore this!!! If only our lap could be bigger!!