Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ooooh, Red Hightop Chucks...

When Eli was born the fella's mom began a grand tradition.

She bought him a tiny pair of red hightop chucks.

Then when Amos came, he got the tiny pair, and she got Eli a bigger pair. 
And now, I'm sure you're sensing the pattern, Hazel has inherited the tiny pair, Amos the medium pair and Eli has a new (shockingly large) pair of red hightop chucks. 

It's such fun I wrote a song about to hear it? Here it go:

Oooooh, Red Hightop Chucks, 
I lace you up. 
It's time to party. 
It's time to party. 

Sung to the tune of Red Solo Cup - an equally clever little ditty.