Saturday, March 3, 2012


We've had lots to celebrate around here. Two, count 'em TWO of our kiddos had half birthdays in February.

If that's not a reason to eat cake, well I don't know what is. 

Yes. I let 6 month old Hazel eat cake. I have made cakes for all my babies' 6 month birthdays. When Eli was 6 months I was a first-timer and didn't let him eat his cake. But, as tends to happen, I got a little less...shall we say...cautious, with my subsequent children. Amos and Hazel - I let them eat cake.

Amos partied hard with cake and m&ms because his half birthday falls on Leap Day, so he won't see another for 4 years. He practiced blowing out the unlit candle for an adorably long time. 

Two and a half, but at least 3 years awesome.

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  1. Two of our kids have half birthdays in February. In August, nobody in our family has a half birthday.