Monday, March 19, 2012


What a fun filled weekend!

Early Saturday morning we set off to achieve a personal Mama goal.

See, I had these two New Years Resolutions.

One was the Flash Mob. Checked that one off here and again here.

The 2nd was to run.

It's not my 1st go at that one. I don't love to run. But whenever I come across anyone who got in good shape, what did they do? They ran.


So, from a place of good self-esteem and appreciation of my body, I decided to go for it. See, this body's been working hard the last 4 years growing, and housing, and feeding my 3 favorite people, so it's time I showed it a little love.

Thankfully, someone turned me on the the Couch to 5K plan, which takes you from non-runner to 5K runner in baby steps over 9 weeks (which is good because my plan was to get up every morning at 6:00 a.m. and just run - wonder how long that woulda lasted?).  And since I am nothing if not a rule follower and box checker-offer, I printed out that plan and got 'er done. Step by step, run by run, week by week.

And a few weeks ago, I was done. So it was time for my 5K.

So Saturday I ran a St. Patty's Day 5K and dare I was kind of awesome.

I totally kicked my expectations in their hineys:
  • First off - I liked it - didn't see that coming. 
  • And I ran THE WHOLE TIME. Didn't need to walk at all. Even up that CRAZY HILL. I think everyone around me walked at some point or another. Not me. In fact at one point toward the end I was the only person near me still running. Not fast, mind you, but definitely running.
  • I came in solidly not last. SOLIDLY.  Like cool down for 10 minutes and runners are still coming in. Not to mention the walkers. Totally shocked. 
  • I came in minutes before North Carolina girl I met at packet pick-up and "I'm not lucky, I'm good." shirt wearing girl I saw in the parking lot. Now, you don't know these women. Neither do I really, but they're young fit looking ladies I noticed and assumed I'd never see again. But you know when I saw them? When I was running past them mid-race. Who saw that coming?
  • I felt like a runner. 
  • I actually want to do it again.
So take that, Couch! Me and my 571st finished kicked your behind. But don't be mad because I'm gonna want to sit on you later. I'm mean, I'm a bad ass now, but I still wanna be friends.

Hazel and I had our post-race priorities in order, boobies and free beer. In that order.

So, got that done and had the whole day ahead of us. We took the boys to see the Lorax. Eli was a fan:

 He came home wanting a costume pronto. The 'stash will have to do for now.
And I may have accidentally put tiny pigtails in Hazel's hair. Squeeee!

And then Eli sang in church yesterday, which I CAN. NOT. RESIST.
I hope your weekend was full of fun, rest, and all manner of other good stuff.

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  1. Congratulations! I've seen that Couch to 5k plan and was interested in it, but elected to do exercise videos instead. I still would like to do it though, because I think running a 5k is an amazing accomplishment!