Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace Reflections

Remember back when you started participating in Embrace the Camera and you had to really work to get in photos or you had to dig to find one with you in it? 
Well I think I can expect to receive in the mail any day now, my Embrace the Camera diploma. Surely I have graduated. I excel at embracing. 
A few months back the fella made some fun of me when he came home and I had installed a mirror on our living room wall about chest height. On him.
It's just right for us 5'1" gals in the crowd.

And all our chillens too. 
So for the past couple of weeks we've found ourselves cheesing it up in that shorty mirror.
Each in turn. 
And a peeper pops in from time to time. 
Aside! I am in love with Hazel's New Party Pinny and Bloomers. I whipped up this delightful balloon covered pinny with ironed-on Suki butterflies on the front bottom trim and one on the butt. Clearly. She wore it to a birthday on Saturday and she was belle of the ball.

 Just plain yum.

This is such a sweet little brood and ever little grin in the mirror has brought me so much joy. 

 Oh. So. Sweet. 
Consider my tassel turned.


  1. Definitely! You've graduated for sure! :)

    Your mirror is perfect! I have one well-placed mirror in our house... it's on the back of a door in one of the rooms that gets the best light. Very handy for ETC!

    Your photos (and children!) are adorable. And you're really lovely. Way to embrace!

  2. Just realized your baby girl is just 5 days days older than mine! :) cute!