Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace the Embracing

Here are a few last shots from our N.C. vacation. Dusk there is my favorite time of day and it's perfect for snuggling. A little patpat for Lil' Sis.

Embracing Dizzy.
And a little squench from the fella - the perfect trifecta to link up to Embrace the Camera. Check it out:

In other news...

The Pinafores Collection is complete! There are now 6 sweet Reversible Pinafores available in my shop. Here are the last two (my personal faves) (click on the photos to take you to the listing):
Dear Baby Daughter,
Get here soon 'cause there are precious pinafores to be worn!
And 'cause you're poking me and making me fat.
All my love,
Your Mama.

In other other news:
Poor A-Boogie did not get in on the Embrace the Camera action today, but come back tomorrow for the Peek of the Week, featuring the wee Baby A. And fellow blogger, it'll be your chance to tell us about what's been cool about your week by linking up to the Peek of the Week linkup. Read here to get all the Peek of the Week deets.

Until then...

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  1. Very sweet picture giving his little sister a pat.