Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Giddy Gardener

It seems a green thumb skips a generation.
Yaya has always grown the most beautiful and yummy gardens. On one of the fella's first visits to my mom's house when we started dating, he was put to the test by being offered edible flowers from my mother's garden. Thankfully he passed. He ate the flowers.

Well it seems Dizzy has inherited her green thumb. He followers her dutifully around the yard watering, potting, feeding and picking all the goodies they have planted.

And upon our return from vacation he could not have been more thrilled that actual food had appeared. (Not that he would ever consider eating lettuce, but he did appreciate that we all ate the salad he grew and had just harvested).

Such a proud little farmer.

And no, it's not St. Patrick's Day. Just green-themed day at VBS.

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