Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Again Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Praise Jeebus. We're home.

A bagful of electronics and a wing and a prayer got us landed safely and we've had two whole nights in our own beds.

I'm not gonna lie. This was a desperately exhausting vacation. It was wonderful. We saw loved ones. We got our beach on. But we chased two crazy children all across the great state of North Carolina and boy howdy, it was tough.

That's right. I said howdy.

The boys and I got home on Friday and poor Yaya and I (mostly Yaya) spent Saturday plucking a free couch, loveseat, and ottoman off the side of the road and rearranging the furniture to accommodate it. The fella got home today and he and Yaya ceremoniously dissasembled the world's least comfortable (and grossest, thanks to my children) couch which we bought just after we were married.
We pillaged it for foam and cushions and put it out to pasture. See that wooden bar in the middle. That's what you sit up against when you brave to sit on this couch. Comfy.

So now two tablecloth chic couches grace our living room. We already had that rug down (which matches less well than it appears to in the picture, but it works). They are worlds comfier than the old one and somehow even with a whole extra couch in the room - it feels much more spacious and open. Sweet.

The next few posts will be special vacation reports. A good, if tiring, time was had by all.

Good to be back!

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