Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Original

This is Peek of the Week worthy but since it's only Tuesday and the polish is likely to wear by then, I give you an incidental monumental moment.

You see, it's here in my 485th (whoa) post that I can note and say with some certainty, I have had an original thought.

I'm clear on this platform...most of the ideas are not mine. I'm an excellent executor. You give me the idea, I'll make it so. I may even improve upon it. But usually the brains behind things here are the fella's, or Eli's, or Yaya's. They come from a book or a pattern, or let's face it...pintrest.

Yesterday I had one of my own.

I spent much of the day looking forward to a little self care evening which was to include situation comedy and a manicure. And then it came to me...

a tiny mustache on an index finger. So simple. So whimsical.

Trivial, yes. It's no cure for cancer, unless what they say is true and laughter is, in fact, the best medicine. But to me it's like a miracle. This ol' brain, she's still got some life in 'er.

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