Saturday, May 19, 2012


Oh. My. Word.
So, yesterday was the last day of school for these two fellas. So, for funsies and so I can reminisce from time to time, let's talk milestones. Here are first day/last day photos from this year. 
Dizzy. Dear Dizzy. Your four year old self is awesome. AW. SOME.
  • You're big into legos and building which has helped stem the tide of your disassembling tendencies. Turns out you like to assemble as much as disassemble, thankfully. You and Amos together make a great demo and building team. He's demo.
  • You love rewards. You work hard to earn your prizes and when one is on the line you can really pull out all the stops. You're nice to Amos. You clean things. You help with Hazel. You're sweet. It's pretty awesome but pretty much everyday you expect some swag. It's becoming problematic.
  • You've had a few big kid 1sts lately like you got to take your first solo bath with the door shut and everything. We have taken the child safety lock off your door so now if you have to poo at night, you can take care of that yourself. Hey - these things matter. You got to go to the restroom yourself at two very familiar places (Mellow Mushroom and the theater - both places I could see you the whole way there and back and I made you go to women's).
  • You sing Pop music. You love Adele, Fun's We Are Young, and Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye and you BELT them out in the morning when you wake up but the house is still sleeping (momentarily). 
  • You're Awesome.
  • And as I was writing this post an impromptu late night visit happened and you had your first sleepover. Boy girl. Just saying.

Oh Baby A. You and I, we've made it through a tough year and I am super proud of you. I cried when I picked you up (at the early no-napper time) for the last time today as a member of the Bunnies class. We sat in the grass and looked at your little picture book with pictures from your year as a Bunny and I talked about how I hoped this was your hardest year of school ever. And it just might be. You got the raw end of a deal here kid, and I have high hopes for next year.  I've done only a little bit of meddling to get you in a really good class. It's gonna be great.
  • Diggers and Cars and Dirt. 
  • You have a blast at bedtime. We recently discovered that you were scaling your IKEA cubbies to get to your light switch. I'm super glad (and a little surprised) that you did not fall from them and sustain a blunt head trauma at some point but now they're off the wall and make great little "garages" that you like to park cars in. Win. Win. 
  • You love your sleepy music and to have the volume ALL THE WAY UP! Had to duct tape the volume controls. 
  • You are coming out of the phase where you take your shoes off every 3.7 minutes and I'm so happy. 
  • You are my sweetest child and you love me the most and it makes me feel so special. 
  • You are awesome. 
And dearest Hazel. You were 9 months old yesterday. And because your promptness is unmatched, you decided to crawl. And it is freakin' adorable. In addition you:
  • give kisses when asked by making kissing sounds. It's my favorite trick.
  • eat everything under the sun. Faves include avocado, anything that comes in a pouch, bread, cheese, tofurky, fruit, veg, cheetos. You were born to eat. 
  • wave
  • pat your belly when we say belly belly belly.
  • love to swim and play in any water. 
  • love to roll on the bed and be push rolled.
  • kind of sign more. 
  • say Mama and it melts me
  • are awesome. 
I love you three. I look forward to reading back on these posts and having a little weep and a chuckle. Congrats on an amazing year.

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  1. You need a comparison of Eli that includes this one from his first day of school EVER: