Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Seersucker Story

Nobody move. It's 8:10 a.m. Hazel's enjoying her first nap of the day. The smell of baking banana bread has literally intoxicated me. And the boys too apparently because they are in Eli's room "being Happy Brothers."

Some background: A few months ago when the boys were being particularly snarky with one another, We made the Happy Brothers board. Every time I notice that they're playing nicely together or being very helpful or generous to each other, I put a smiley face on the Happy Brothers board. After they earn 10, the get a pretty big shared prize. If they're at each other, I erase a smiley. Sad day.

Eli at some point realized that Amos was really slowing down progress on the Happy Brothers board so he made up a Happy Eli board for when just he is being a sweet brother which, let's face it, is pretty often.

Anyway, they're in Eli's room playing so delightfully together. I hear Eli teaching Amos how to spell things and they're doing races together. It's super sweet.

So, I'm taking this opportunity to blog in the moment (yes, confession... a lot of my posts are composed late at night and scheduled to post at a later date).

A story for you...
We have a little tradition of the kids getting a new outfit for the last day of school. Everybody gets one for the first day, sure. But ours somehow have always ended up with new duds on the last day. It makes for fun comparison photos.
Last year's were home sewn. Which is dorkier? Home sewn seersucker, or store bought? The ties might tip the scales for store bought.

So anyway, this year at the grand opening of our local Crazy 8 store (a cheaper arm of the Gymboree franchise - I'm in trouble) I found these seersucker super suits and I couldn't resists.

Then I couldn't resists again letting the boys trial wear them to church on Sunday.

I got Amos dressed while Eli took his first ever solo bath with the door closed and everything. Washed his own self - the whole bit. Then I scurried upstairs, leaving Amos occupied with a letter game to get my self dressed. Real quick.

Within 45 seconds the boys switched places. Eli hopped out of the bath and ran, stark naked, around the house. Amos hopped in. Sport coat, bow tie and all.
That's one way to get out of dressing so dorky. Well played Amos. Well played.

But be warned, come the last day of school, I'm not letting you out of my sight. 

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