Friday, February 10, 2012

I Forgot to Peek

But Hazel didn't...

Whew! What a week. So, for brevity's sake (we'll see)...bullets:
  • The Flash Mob is just 4 days away and things are shaping up quite nicely. We have a training session on Sunday and then it'll be here. Yipes! If you wanna join, all the deets can be found under the Valentine's Day link at the top under the header photo. 
  • My etsy shop blew up this week! I average 2-3 orders a week usually and this week I had 8! Lots of fun little projects for sweet little babies far and near. So lovely!
  • Thankfully...I am brimming with energy lately. I started running at New Years (gasp) and have stuck at it and actually enjoyed it. I find that the pay off is lots of extra energy, which I spades. I'm lousy with energy and I love it. I used to collapse into a nap everyday while the kids napped, but now I cook up fun little projects, tidy up, or fill orders. Who woulda thunk?
  • I'm addicted to Pintrest. Have you noticed?
  • Amos has been giving us...well, more accurately, his teacher...a run for the money lately. Surely not:
That sweet little nugget has been pushing the buttons of his exasperated preschool teacher so much that for the last three school days he's been the preschool version of suspended. You see, he's taken to rabble rousing at naptime. He's instigated a little mob of his own amongst the 4 other pupils in his 2-year-old class and that has gotten him the boot. The current "solution" is that when he disrupts the class at naptime, we get a call and have to come pick him up early. It's no kind of punishment. He lights up like a Christmas tree as soon as we turn into the Principal's Office.

That's right. The Principal's Office.

So, we scheduled a conference for Monday to see if we can come up with something better.

That boy is as sweet as they come, but he does enjoy malfeasance for malfeasance's sake. That's for sure. It makes him giddy. And it makes Yaya call him "Amos the Menace".

In a good way.

So, long story, is a delight.

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