Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embrace the E.R.

Lemme walk you through it.
Sunday evening...
The Fella, Yaya, and Eli turned in early to rest up for their 4:00 a.m. departure for the airport.
I stay up watching the Downton Abbey finale.
Nary a symptom to warn me.
Amos wakes up scary wheezing, barking, short of breath.

If I didn't have Nurse Yaya downstairs to whip out the stethoscope and tell me he's breathing enough, there would have been an ambulance in my driveway. 

So I called the Kaiser line and they had me scurry him to the closest E.R., which thankfully is just a stones throw away.

As soon as I carried Amos through those double sliding doors they got him in a bed and no fewer than 8 docs, nurses, respiratory specialists, and the like descended upon him. Thank my lucky stars.

Diagnosis: Croup. Sever Croup. That wiley minx. 

He was scared to bits, but with a quick epinephrine nebulizer treatment and a dose of steroids, he was on the up and up within minutes.

They kept us for 4 hours to make sure things didn't flare back up again.

That put us right at the 4:00 a.m. mark, so the fella had to wake Hazel up and bring her to me in the hospital. The fact that I had both our sets of keys threw a wrench into things. Yaya came to fetch them. Eric brought me Hazel. And then off they went to the airport.   

Thank goodness Monday was a holiday. We spent most of it just like this.

Happily Amos made a grand recovery after we rested up on Monday. He and Hazel and I are enjoying our little week as just the three of us. He likes being the big man around here.

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  1. How scary for you. My eldest has just got over croup for the second time in 4 months (and they say it's uncommon!) but luckily she hasn't been bad enough to go to hospital with it. So glad your little man is okay. xx

  2. Oh my word, how scary! I'm so glad your son is ok!

  3. PS. I just visited your etsy shop and added it to my favorites!

  4. eek! lucas had the croup twice as a baby. no er visit for us, though. i can attest that it is indeed a scary thing.

  5. Poor Amos! And poor mama! I know how scary those ER visits can be with a little one. Glad he's on the mend!

  6. Oy! Croup is scary. I used to get it when I was little. I actually remember spending time in a steamy bathroom with my mama... I'm glad he's feeling better!

  7. oh my...glad you are all doing better! rest.

  8. Felix never got croup as a baby, but has had it 2-3 times since Kindergarten. Love when he wakes me up in the middle of the night (always in the middle of the night, of course) with the crazy-eyes, whisper-yelling "I'VE GOT THE BARKY COUGH AGAIN AHHHHHH *BARK*BARK*BARK*". No ER trips, plenty of steamy bathrooms, and sleeping with the windows open for cool, moist air. I'm cool with it not making another appearance.

  9. Wow...what a whirlwind of a day! Glad to hear he is much better!