Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flash! Mob!

It came in a dream...

A month in the making...

Self doubt was tossed out and my inner choreographer was tapped into...

And now it is finished!

I present to you, the Official Video of the Valentine's Day Flash Mob organized by moi!

Just as I thought, Flash Mobbing is SO MUCH FUN! It went by incredibly fast. So fast that having worried about forgetting the moves was silly because there was no time to forget! And if you did, you had only a second to laugh at yourself and jump back in when you could. IT WAS AWESOME!

We had a bit of technical trouble and it was tricky getting good footage in such a crowded, compact, and angle-y space! But I love having a record of this very fun experience! And I love all the peeks of my little Eli mobbing right along beside.

Thanks to everyone who played a part! You litchrilly (channeling Chris Traeger, Parks and Recreation), made my dream come true.

Embracing the Video Camera today:


  1. Replies
    1. The Emily Anderson! I'm so flattered!
      I sure did create that. And it was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for creating Embrace the Camera. My brood and I love it!

  2. This is awesome! Glad you had so much fun! What were the responses by the diners like?! Would have loved to see the looks on their faces close-up.

    And happy to finally see the video -- it appeared earlier, but somehow my computer wasn't letting me hear the sound? Worked today! Yay!

    1. Yeah, Youtube nixed the music because of copyright stuff. boo.

      The faces were fantastic. The music was pretty quiet, so it took a minute for it to click with people what was going on, but then it was awesome!
      So fun!

  3. It looks like everyone was having a blast! Congratulations on organizing a fabulous flash mob. :)

  4. So great!! I totally want to be a part of one someday! Looks like so much fun :)