Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update - Baby Progress and Blogging Malaise

Hi friends. We're still here. And by we, I mean me, and the baby girl child who will not get the heck out of my uterus.

I'm 3 days overdue. That's 3 of my 3 children who were late-comers. This is one posh uterus I tell ya. Nobody wants to check out of it a moment too soon.

So, here's the status of things:

1) Baby progress:
I've been to my 40 week check and not much is going on there. I will quote my OB to give you a sense of how close I am. She said I have "a kinda abysmal cervix." So there it is.

We went ahead and scheduled induction for the 18th. Now, my last two in-utero babies were very motivated by just putting an induction of the calendar. Both of them decided to vacate one day before I was to be induced. So, I've shown her a copy of the induction orders and given her notice of eviction come Thursday, if not before.

I have gone through every possible set of feelings about it all. Three or four weeks ago I was certain I wouldn't make it to my due date. I was less comfortable somehow then than I am now and everyday I didn't have her I was genuinely surprised. Then about two weeks ago I began my efforts to get her out. I tried all the tricks. I exhausted myself (and others), to no avail.

In the past few days I've settled on the fact that I have no control of it. In fact, and I don't mean this in a negative way, but I've actually given up hope that she'll come on her own. She's going to have to be induced. I feel this way because a) we've done everything but cartwheels to try to get things going and b) she does do cartwheels in there all the time and nothing changes (I think my amniotic sac may be literally made of steel) and c) I think my height and shape is preventing her from getting in the just right position to get her head down far enough to get things going (how's that for a very specific medical opinion from someone who's not medically trained?).

And I'm actually ok with it. I'm sleeping better because I'm not up all night trying to notice if I'm in labor. And I am allowing myself to relax about it and just rest for now.

2) The Blogging Malaise:
Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I blame this on a number of things:
a) since all my nesting is done and I'm not embarking on unnecessary projects because I'm waiting to give birth, I have no fun projects to reveal to you.

b) my birthing suitcase has been in the back of the Jeep since we had our false alarm last Saturday and my camera cord is in there. So the few photos I have taken of our last week can't get onto my computer. I realize this is easily solved, but who are we kidding.

c) I'm eager to announce that she's here, so anything else I might blog about before then seems like a bit of a let down.

d) I also think it might be the full moon because like a third of my favorite bloggers are also having a blogging malaise. Maybe they're also waiting for my baby to be born to get back to blogging.

So hang in there folks. And I will too. If I'm right and she has to be induced, then by this time next week I should be holding my 2 or 3 day old baby girl.

Holding my baby girl. That's worth saying twice.

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  1. Sending you some hurry-up-birthing-vibes!!
    I am so going to ride that blogging-malaise wave.. I've totally been waiting for you to have your baby to put up my next blog post.... No way its because I am a slacker (who spent the summer playing with her little boy)... ;)