Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Day!

Ok, not that Big Day. But the boys are having a big day.

It's bed graduation day!

Yesterday Amos self-ejected from his crib with a thump and a wail. So, it's time to upgrade.

Amos inherited the super cool racecar bed. He's totally excited. Probably too excited to sleep, hence the lingering presence of the crib. Once we get bed sleeping established we'll take the crib out and get everything all arranged just right.

For giving up his super cool racecar bed to his little bro, Eli got a super duper cool space bed:

Eric and I picked it up from IKEA last night and set it up first thing this morning.

I still contend that my uterus is like double ply, because I built bunk beds from the ground up this morning and there is NADA going on. No water breakage. No real contracting. Sup wit dat?

The bottom can either house a lower bunk or a fun play area. We went with play area.

They luuuuuuv it.

I just put them both down for naps in their new digs. We'll see if any actual napping occurs. So far it's mostly playing, but that's okay with me. They're so excited.

Safety note: Yaya is off buying plexi glass to cover the window so nobody falls out. And the blind cords are tucked out of reach. Never fear.


  1. Well, first thing this morning, and second thing, and like, sixth thing. It took over 3 hours for 3 adults to put this thing together.

  2. So cute! Glad your boys have "big boy beds." I love your site, btw. I'm a new follower.

    Mine is:

  3. love that bed from IKEA, have looked at it several times, great choice! I can't believe there is no baby girl yet, at this rate we will have our babies at the same time (not really, but I do tend to be early)

  4. LOVE the bed. Now wondering if we can buy a grown-up version!