Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hazel Meets The Boys

Sweet Hazel has been introduced to her big brother fan club.

Sweet pajamad Eli was brought over the night she was born. He brought her some soft toys and his undying adoration.
The next morning Yaya brought both boys over in their Big Brother shirts, looking very dapper and OLD! They both looked like giants to me.

Eli could not love her more. All day he squeals, "Look how cute she is." or "Look at her little feet." It's delightful.
They both loved being in our hospital room.
Joyful chaos.

When Amos first me Hazel, he was reserved. He reverted to form and devoted his attention to the iphone.
And to hashbrowns, which he downed in one bite.

He gave her a cursory glance or two, and I even talked him into a little pat. But that was about it.

But since we've been home, he's warmed to her. He talks about "Sis Sis" in shy observant tones, but still prefers to keep her at arms length.

We are all doing beautifully. Hazel could not be a sweeter presence here. Although she could sleep more (during the night). The boys are happy as clams and we are all taking good care of each other. Tonight we're going on our first little outing - dinner at the spaghetti factory and a trip to R.E.I. to get Amos' 1st backpack for school. Pretty exciting.

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