Thursday, August 11, 2011

Embracing My Due Date

A little quote from last Thursday's post entitled "Embracing the Belly, Perhaps for the Last Time?":

I'm really really hoping this is the last embrace the camera post that involves belly shots. Next week, a shot of me snuggling Lil' Sis would be MUCH PREFERRED (by all I'm certain).

Well. No such luck. Even after the false alarm on Saturday, I'm still pregnant. And today is officially my due date. So that means, if nothing happens today, I'll be 3 for 3 for late babies. Man, my uterus must be one nice place.

So for today's Embrace the Camera,

I'm doing a little retrospective.

First, I give my first preggo belly. Here I am harboring sweet Eli:
On the left I'm about 36 weeks pregnant and I'm doing the plank position to try to get that breech baby to flip. It didn't work, but version did.

One the right I'm making pots. I'm probably 35 weeks along there. And crazy.

Here I am a day or two past my due date with Amazing Amos:
It was Eli's first day of school. What a week for that guy. Look how little!!!

And here we are now:
Officially due with Lil' Sis. And Amos holding on for dear life trying to get some snuggles. What a sweet boy.

So, let me encourage you baby girl to come on out! It's nice out here and we're all really ready to get our snuggles on with you. See you soon!!!

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  1. Good luck and hopefully you'll have a whole new "embrace" picture for next week! :) Can't wait to see pics of your new little love! And by the way, you look fabulous!