Friday, August 20, 2010

The Product is Launched!

Alrighty friends. Sorry for the barely veiled secrecy, but your wait is over! Let me reveal to you the newest Happily Home Sewn product - The Anywhere Highchair!

It comes in these four combinations (so far). First, for the vehicle enthusiast - click here to see the full listing with more photos.

Next, for the lovely ladies - critters and blooms - click here to see the full listing with more photos.
This one has something for everyone! Sweet pink woodland critters on one side, and groovy green castles on the other! Love it! Click here to see the full listing with more photos.

Fish and berries...sweet and simple. Click here to see the full listing and more photos.

This process has been a labor of love, since I received a vintage one of these from my aunt in June. What a great idea that has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle of new, shiny, plastic, baby gear. I have had the most fun adding my own little tweaks to this traditional design, and seeing what sweet baby Boogie thinks of the whole idea.

He's a fan.

Hope you guys like it! I'd love your feedback!


  1. These are AWESOME! I say you contact some fancy big company and mass produce these sweet babies!

  2. I got something like this at one of my baby showers, but yours have that "pouch" to put the baby in, which seems safer. The one I got is basically a chair cover with a tie. Just speculation there on the safety thing, since my little one is still in the oven for a few more weeks, so we'll have to see...
    Plus yours are SO much cuter - we must have the exact same taste in fabrics! :D