Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Better Late Than Never

It was just a few days shy of a year ago, that Dizzle got super. He came out of his room one morning, threw his hands up in the air and did this:

It was clear. Gotta make this boy a cape.

And so I did.

Here is the first ever Happily Home Sewn Super Kid Cape, on my very first ever homemade Super Kid.

He loved it almost as much as he loved Harry. And Bubbles.
It looks so teeny! And he looks so cute and smooshy and little with all that toddler chub.

Well look at him now. For months, every time I open the fabric cabinet and he sees this fabric he says, "Is that van one for my cape?"

Yes it is Big-E. That van fabric just screams Super Eli. But so many projects got squeezed in front of it.

Sorry fella. But today's your day.
Pretty super.
I'm gonna miss that summer shag. He and I have a date for Floyd's Barbershop in the next week or so. School will be here in just a few weeks. And hopefully he can start a new year feeling super.


  1. I was about to get all wishy-washy because of ELI BEING SO BIG, but then I scrolled down and saw Amos's cute face in your M.A.C. post. I'm all good now. Super Boys!!!

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